​Hello again people!

How you doing this weekend?

For the second day blog, I decided to collaborate with @__picturesque to get you some talks and also share his works with you and for the world to see. Make sure to check them.

What is photography to you?

To me, it’s like making a moment immortal.


What makes it so different from your other hobbies and interests?

I believe it is just the ability of capturing a moment and it’s uniqueness with just a single click of a button. There is a sense of kinship to it. I know there are photographers with more skill and experience than me, and may capture the scene in a more artistic manner! As compared to the beginner ones but that never stops me from doing it my way.

Would you like sharing some more of your captures?

Yeah. Sure. Check it here.

What camera is that?

Its a Canon 1200D. I would like to have a Mark 5D some day, though. 

How to get the best shot out of the simplest?

Several things are there which can make it much better. It ranges from which kind of camera I’m using, proper lighting , ISO, shutter speed, framing, shape with light! And lastly, artistic ability to capture the moment in your mind and lens. Nothing better than practice. All this creates a huge difference.

And we’re good here. I already feel like a pro. Just kidding.

Have a great weekend ahead! x

(Song of the day: Kiiara – Gold)

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