Hello. Can you hear me?

Just kidding. Of course you can’t. But you can read this. (#adele)

“Welcome back to my-”

Conscience, “This is not YouTube! Stop!”



Yeah, so welcome back and happy Photography Day. Lights, Camera and Snap!

What I really think is bloggers and photographers are the two very cool people. Most of you might say its because of self adoration. Now, I’m not saying that because I’m into blogging or photography but, because it’s true.

“Also, no offense to other cool people”

*shakes her head*

Well there are many reasons for that, so I decided to collaborate with this really cool photography guy for a two day blog.

Now moving on to Why are we cool?

  1. Photography and blogging are something you could connect to. We come across many blogs about fashion, lifestyle, crazy partying or anything to everything and same goes for photography. It happens with me and maybe with you too, that we read a blog or see a capture and we’re captivated. We can relate to it, and feel an instant connection with the person or people behind it, no matter which corner of world we’re from, what age we are, we all sleep under the same stars.
  2. Social people. Bloggers and photographers, if you know what you’re doing you’ll definitely be acknowledged by your work and there will be a lot of interaction with different people. Most of the time we let our work speak for us but bloggers especially are fun and for sure the people you could interact with, easily. 
  3. Acceptors and Givers. We people crave for discovering whatever is around us and, I don’t know if its me but, I love to share something new I came across today or yesterday. From a new word to how to tie your laces differently maybe or something about the latest trends. If it fascinates me, maybe it will fascinate you too (maybe because its in human nature). 

    So basically these were some reasons and there are many others too which maybe you can relate to. 

    This was all for today. Sorry for being a little late but hope you like it. Have a great day! x

    Happy Photography Day again!

    (Song of the Day: Photograph – Ed Sheeren)

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