Hello people!

How you doing today? *waves*

These are my first words to you (and many more follow). Yeah, so you gotta bear me for a long time starting today.

I am just a plain teenager, who loves to talk to new people and discuss ideas and thoughts. I believe talking is an expression of freedom. Just like the mind of a person who read one book is said to be toxic, keeping it bottled up in your mind is toxic too. Sharing tiny pieces of our mind with people around us and even miles apart (all of you, no matter in what corner of world are beautiful and I would love to interact to you) broadens our view to life.

Writing and talking are like breathing to me. Something which falls from within. I feel like it’s something I could do without getting bored. So, yeah basically I love it.

Also, I’m currently working on my wattpad book ‘Story of a World’ (link down below) and it would be a pleasure to have you read it. Okay. (#tfios all the way so, excuse me)

That’s pretty much all for the first one.

“I hope you all like it. Subscribe to my channel and give it a thumbs… Wait this is not right” (Damn.Β That’s what excess of YouTube does to you ._.)Β 

Never mind. Reaching out to you again, soon. Have a great day! x

Happy Independence Day! to all the Indians out there. Proud moment.

(Song for the day: The Chainsmokers -Closer ft. Halsey)

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